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You're a Junior Now, But...

...soon the school year is over, and you take the first two weeks of summer break to sleep in and be a couch potato, as you should. (;

Next thing you know, you start your summer job and only have 2 free days each week. Naturally, you fill those days with friends.

July rolls around, and you're headed to the beach for two weeks.

You're home for a week then in a whirlwind, you're off to basketball/cheer/summer camp.

You come back and realize summer is almost over...and you haven't scheduled your senior pictures yet. You message the photographer you've been dying to work with, but now she's only available on days that you don't have free.

You scramble to find a photographer you like, but it's the same answer each time--they're fully booked.

Prioritize Scheduling Senior Pictures Your Junior Year

Avoid ever having to face this problem by booking early! Senior year is supposed to be one of the best years of your life, but can become stressful with all of the "to-dos" you have to accomplish piling up.

Keep your senior pictures stress free and FUN. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to:

  • Get a date that works well for your schedule

  • Have time to choose the perfect outfits

  • Be able to schedule hair + makeup & have an outfit styled by me

  • Book the studio

  • Plan a travel senior session

  • Find a reschedule date if the weather is poor

Keep Watching for my Class of 2023 Calendar

I will be opening my June-July calendar soon! Stay tuned.

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