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Manifestation vs. Prayer

Why I won't be manifesting but instead, praying.


One of the popular topics amongst entrepreneurs (or really anyone trying to achieve goals) is manifestation. Essentially, this means believing and willing your goals and dreams to come true by keeping a positive mindset. There is so much validity in this—if you keep a positive mindset and believe you will achieve XYZ, you’re so much more likely to attract and accomplish what you want because you’re in the right headspace for it.

I’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, watched the reels and tiktoks talking about this—and while it does lead me to be more mindful about my mindset, ultimately, I don’t buy into it.

I believe that my future and the good I do in this world is determined by God. I believe He placed the obstacles, triumphs, seniors, parents, opportunities, failures, etc. in my path that he knows I need in order for me to grow. I tend to find that when I’m in my biggest ruts, it’s because I’ve been relying more on myself and less on Him.

When an inquiry comes into my inbox, I don’t will myself to be awesome enough to book that person. I don’t say “this person is going to book me because I just really want them to.”

Instead, I pray over them. I read their name in my inbox, put my hand to my phone screen, close my eyes, and say a prayer.

If you inquire with me, know that I’ll be praying over our session. In full transparency, I pray that I will have the opportunity to work with you so I can provide for my family—but mostly, I pray that I have a meaningful connection with you. I pray that the session builds your confidence and that the pictures we create together will be all that you’ve dreamed of. I pray that your mama enjoys watching you thrive in front of the camera and cherishes the experience along with you. I pray that I can provide the listening ear, the friendly smile, the positive affirmation—whatever you need during our time together.

That said, I’m super excited to connect with you and pray over your senior session. Now that you’re ready to inquire, click here if you’re a 2024 HS senior, or here if you’re a 2023 HS or University of Arkansas Senior.

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