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Choosing Styling for your Senior Pictures

There are a few reasons I started offering styling for my seniors:

  • I’m often told that they have a hard time choosing what to wear. While I also offer a session guide that helps with this, I wanted to level-up the styling help by doing it for you.

  • Making your senior picture experience amazing is one of my top priorities, and this adds some fun to your session. Having someone style and provide an outfit for you? You’re basically a celeb for a day.

  • I wanted to avoid a style closet (a collection of outfits owned by the photographer that you can borrow then return). If I were a senior, I wouldn’t want to wear an outfit that I know another Northwest Arkansas Senior might wear. Therefore, I designed my package to allow you to keep the outfit you choose.

The Process

So, how does it work?

  1. I will ask questions to get a feel for your style and sizing.

  2. Next, I’ll “shop” from trusted retailers for outfits I know will be flattering in photos.

  3. I’ll send pictures of options for you to choose between. You can mix-and-match, or scrap all of the options altogether until you see something you love!

  4. Once you’ve chosen an outfit, I’ll order and have it shipped to me so I can inspect it.

  5. If you prefer and there’s time, I’ll deliver it to you to try on beforehand. If that isn’t an option, I’ll steam it before your session so it’ll be photoshoot ready. 🤝🏼

Now that you're ready to book your senior session, reach out! 2024 HS seniors, click here. 2023 seniors + University of Arkansas Grads, click here.

Other Styling FAQs:

  • Yes, you can have other outfits—I encourage it!

  • The package that includes styling also includes hair and makeup. Want outfit styling and that's it? Request it! We can make that happen.

  • You get to keep 100% of the outfit.

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