Finally, it's time for your senior pictures.

Is it intimidating--trying to choose the photographer that you can trust with your precious images?

I mean, think about it. Senior portraits are the holy grail of your senior--maybe even your entire high school--experience. You've been drooling over your friends' pictures for the past four years, and now... it's your turn.

So, don't blow it. Don't do what I did as a senior. Please, I beg of you, learn from my mistake. 

Don't hire a photographer based on price. Can an under-priced photographer be talented? Absolutely. I was there once. BUT, if you're choosing a photographer solely because of rates, you're doing it all wrong.

This is me grabbing you by the shoulders, attempting to impart my personal and professional wisdom. Consider it an intervention.

Choose a photographer who provides drool-worthy photos, stunning print products, and an unforgettable, confidence-boosting experience.

When you hire SSP, don't expect to solely pose. Expect to dance, twirl, laugh, run your fingers through your hair, and have FUN!

Are you ready to experience your senior pictures?

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