I was so excited when Amy, Tyler's adoring mama, asked me to take his senior pictures. He was in my first period English class 2 short years ago, always strolling in with chocolate milk in hand! He is a hardworking student and a dedicated athlete on both the football and baseball teams.

For Tyler's session, we started out at the Berryville Square. I don't typically love doing pictures on the square, but I had a vision of a smoke bomb seeping through a staircase and knew that would be the perfect location to make that happen! I was sweatin' it, big time, because we only had one smoke bomb. As unpredictable as smoke tends to be, I wasn't sure if the colors would be vibrant enough, if the smoke would overtake his face, or if it would fizzle out too soon to really capture what I wanted. Luckily, it worked out just right, and we ended up with gorgeous, purple billows of smoke behind him. I absolutely LOVE these shots!

Next, we moved on to snap some creek images. I loved that he liked the look of and wanted to take some with the culvert. He made me super nervous hopping down onto some nasty, squishy ground so I could get a better angle--I just knew he was going to sink into the water--but he made it out clean, dry, and with a few super cool pictures to show for it!

After that, we headed out to his grandparent's old milk barn. Amy loves and envisioned some of his senior pictures by the barn's old wooden door, so I was more than happy to oblige. From there, we headed out to their house. I snapped some shots of him with his car, his guitar, and his sweet ol' pal, Chloe.

I had the best time taking Tyler's senior pictures, and I can't wait to capture more of his sporty side in the Spring!