Sidnee is a 2020 Berryville Senior. She was such a fun senior to work with because she knew she wanted something different for her pictures, but stepped back and trusted me to generate ideas. Open fields and creek beds are usually two of my favorite locations, but she was like, “NOPE. That’s not me.” So, we changed it up! I loved getting out of my norm for a shoot, while still maintaining my editing and posing style.


From vending machines and luggage carts to a skate park and laundromat, these were definitely the most quirky senior pictures I’ve taken to date, and I. LOVE. IT! Not only was I able to let my creativity run in directions it normally wouldn’t, but I was able to provide pictures that encompassed Sidnee’s personality. She’s quirky herself, with a cup of sweetness and a pinch of sass mixed in (a perfect recipe!). I just loved spending time with her and getting to try new things! 

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