This Berryville Senior has big plans after graduation! She plans to go to school to pursue her dream of becoming a dermatologist (touching other people's pimples? Yuck! No thanks! She's a braver gal than I), and I believe she has just the drive and brains to do it! She was in my Sophomore English class two years ago, and she is, to date, one of the sweetest, most genuine students I've had the pleasure of teaching. Plus, as if that isn't enough to make her lovable, she is also so INSANELY beautiful--which, ya know, goes without saying...Y'all have eyes. ;)

Sarah was up for whatever I wanted to do (score!), and I've been DYING to take pictures in some random spots I often notice while driving to Fayetteville. Seriously, ALL I think when I drive is, "Ooh, that spot would be great for pictures," so I was stoked that I finally got to snap some at a few of the places I've been drooling over.

Next, we took some at the wall on the backside of the MAUDE boutique. The wall is so cute and colorful, and it contrasted well with her dark green dress! Also, shoutout to the girls who pulled up at the same time as us and waited to take their MAUDE wall selfies until we were finished--ha!

Our last stop on the map was at the U of A, outside Old Main (another shoutout goes to the fella who pointed out that parking is free on the weekends--we clearly didn't read the signs, oops). We were able to get some awesome shots with both gorgeous fall colors and an urban feel.

Sarah, your session was a dream. Thanks for lending your stunning face and making my job easy!