Reiley is a senior at Green Forest High School, and my first senior of the season! His whole family came along for the ride, and they were all so kind and helped me lug my 72,394 pieces of equipment AND were patient while I limped through each location. Thank you x1,000, Gordon fam. (:

Reiley is a multi-sport athlete, so we knew we had to work football, baseball, and basketball into the mix. We ventured all over the Green Forest campus to capture his sports shots, then headed out to an old barn that used to be owned by his grandparents. It made such a pretty, rustic background, and was the perfect location for pictures with his truck. 

In some ways, guy sessions are more difficult than girls'. Girls can do any pose under the sun, which creates so much variety. The fellas, however, are limited to fewer poses that they feel comfortable doing. BUT, more often than not, it leads to incorporating so many more things that are significant to their high school experience (sports, vehicles, etc.). I'm so thrilled I was able to capture images that Reiley will look back on one day with fond memories of the things that were important to him.