Poncho is a 2021 senior at Berryville High. I go way back with his sweet mama because she was one of my Missionettes teachers at church when I was little, and is now one of my coworkers, so I felt so honored when she asked me to take Poncho's pictures!

We started our session with his sweet fur baby, Ruger. He really was trying to be a good boy...but some kids playing soccer near by were just entirely too distracting for him to focus on pictures. He made us work for it, and I had to break out my go-to dog noise that can only be described as a screechy elephant whistle, but we got some super precious photos of them together! Then, we trotted a few yards over to the football stadium for some must-have football shots, and I just loved how that part of the session turned out. Something about capturing a senior in their element is so special to me!

Before his session, I had about 2 1/2 hours to kill because I was already in town from a Viewing and Ordering Session that afternoon. So, naturally, I drove around town scouting locations. I noticed one spot with a neat, winding ramp and some awesome windows, so we stopped in there before heading to our next actual planned location. I've said this before, but I just love finding random locations that look odd in person and making them into cool photo backdrops.

After making that quick stop, we headed out to the creek for some pictures with his truck (shoutout to the McCoys for letting us use their creek). I have eyeballed that creek for years now and am so happy to have finally been able to shoot there. I'd say it definitely took us more time to figure out how to get his truck into and out of the creek than it did for us to actually take pictures there, ha! 


Lastly, we headed out to our farm for some open field pictures. The sun has been so strange to photograph from all the smoke blowing in from California; it looks like a perfect pink circle in the sky, which is a super rare capture! 

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