"I just can't with these sneak peeks...I am beside myself they are so amazing!" -Kristie, Mom

Kennelley is a senior at Rogers Heritage High School. She is an athlete, and especially loves playing volleyball. She wanted a more edgy, urban feel for her pictures, which really brings me out of my box! I'm usually drawn to pretty skies, greenery, and flowers, but she was like, "Nope, none of that." SO, we stuck with buildings, murals, staircases, and FIRE! Yupp---we ACTUALLY lit a newspaper on fire, inches from her face, to score some SWEET pictures. Plus, she wanted to sneak away from Rogers, since that's where most seniors from that area take photos, and head to good ol' Downtown Eureka Springs, which I think suited her shoot perfectly.

ALSO, let me tell ya'll about this girl's eyes. With 99% of my seniors, I brighten the eyes. I never change their natural color; I simply add some light to draw attention. THIS GIRL NEEDED NONE OF THAT. I actually thought her eyes were SO stunningly blue, that brightening them would do a disservice to her images.