"There are no words to describe the contents of this flash drive! Sierra Sugg Photography you have left me speechless. How do I even begin to share...There is absolutely no way to pick a favorite!" -Melissa

Kaylin is a Berryville High School senior. I had her in my first period sophomore English class two years ago, and she was so great to have in class! I learned then that she's someone who is extremely bold and unafraid to put herself out there. As a student, that showed in her willingness to participate in discussion and offer answers even if she wasn't sure she'd be right. As one of my senior reps, it shows in her willingness to try (and totally kill) any poses or ideas I had. During our group shoot, she literally hopped up on the edge of the parking garage without a second thought!

We started her solo shoot with hair and makeup (shoutout to the amazing Amanda). Our appointment was way earlier in the day than necessary because of last minute rescheduling (thanks to the rain for the third time this senior season), so we had so. much. time! Therefore, we drove to several unplanned locations that I would happen to notice along the side of the road that stood out as being potentially good photo spots. I LOVE sessions where I get to pop into random spots where I've never shot before, so this was so much fun for me!

When Melissa, Kaylin's mom, first contacted me about senior pictures, she knew they wanted sunflowers, so that was our only set destination. We faced a small hiccup when we realized the field we intended to use was closed for the day, but luckily, her friend Alicen saved the day by mentioning another field owned by her mom's high school agri teacher. It was gorgeous and was literally about three miles from where we were shooting water photos...who knew? We had no idea it existed but are so happy it does!

Something exceptionally notable about Kaylin is her faith. Something she knew she wanted to incorporate in her session was a cross, so we placed it in the middle of the sunflower field, and it was magical! She also amazes me (along with her sister, Trinity) for their decision to create fun, Christian content on their TikTok, where they've garnered over 30K followers! There are so many negative routes they could've chosen to venture down when deciding to build a Tiktok account, and they chose to be positive role models who are unafraid to show their love for Jesus! For this reason, I nominated her for Inspiring Teen's Magazine, and she won second place (shoutout to another local Arkie for winning first) and a $500 scholarship!

Kaylin has been an absolute dream client! She's fun, daring, coachable, and gorgeous! She perfectly executed every bit of direction I gave her (must be that dance background, ha) and, my goodness, served up some serious face! I could relive this session again and again, everyday! Perfection!