Kate is a 2020 Berryville Senior. I was so excited when her mom contacted me to take her senior pictures because she is just so beautiful and sweet--I knew she would be a blast to work with! We had to push our session back a couple of weeks due to rain, and I think we ended up landing on the hottest day in September, but we powered through and got some AMAZING shots!


Kate's dad is the Berryville Public Schools Superintendent, and a huge project of his has been to build the school's new sports complex, so naturally, we had to start our photo shoot journey on the football field! Right off the bat, I KNEW Kate's pictures were going to be gorgeous, because I could tell through my viewfinder that her eyes were looking killer, and she is crazy photogenic!

Next, we meandered on over to the gym to get some volleyball shots. I think we spent more time trying to figure out which door our key opened than we actually did taking the pictures, HA! Once we left there, we headed over to the bus barn to snap some with the buses. I'd been DYING to take bus pictures for a while, and I was so thrilled to finally get to!

After that, we took pictures at more natural, outdoor locations with greenery, a creek, and lastly, an open field at sunset. I can't even begin to count how many bug bites we walked away with, and I was bit (very painfully!) by some mysterious creature, but it was well worth it! Our diverse locations + Kate's style and gorgeous self made this senior picture session a dream.

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