"...you've done amazing work." -Beth

Jaclyn attends Berryville High School, and she was my 4th and final 2021 Model Rep to shoot this season. I am so thrilled with how her pictures turned out, so it was a perfect one to end on! 

We started out at the stadium and THANKFULLY found our way in after initially thinking we were going to have to try hopping the fence... We were also fighting some pretty intense wind while we were there, but that was nothing in comparison to the major fun and great shots we captured while we were there!

When we moved on to our next location, I stumbled upon a GEM of a location that I have aaaallll the heart eyes for! Seriously, I could set up shop there and shoot every. single. day! Perfect light, perfect combination of green + white...I'm still drooling.

We took some amazing pictures and stumbled upon some awesome locations, but I valued the conversations and carpool fun we had more than anything! I adore the car rides with my seniors and getting to know them better (this time over some Sonic mozzarella sticks and popcorn chicken).