"Ahh I love them all so much!! I honestly don't want senior pictures to ever end. I didn't realize how fun it actually is." -Ella

Ella is a senior at Berryville High School. I was so, so happy when she contacted me about doing her senior pictures because she is not only DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, but also one of the sweetest people you'll ever encounter. She was in my Sophomore English class, and I just loved having her. It makes my heart smile when my students become my models, especially when they're so incredibly lovable like Ella!

This long-legged beauty is part of my model team this year, as well, so we have a couple sessions under our belt now! Seeing how much my camera loved her after the group shoot, I couldn't WAIT for her individual session. BUT--we had some bumps along the way...and when I say bumps, I mean literal hives! She ended up having an allergic reaction that caused her to break out! That paired with a rainy forecast led to a reschedule. No biggie! Until--it started raining, right before her session!! Eek! Goodbye, curls... Luckily, she has beautiful, naturally straight hair, so it still looked amazing post-rain. Plus, it gave us an amazing sky for some golden hour shots! (:

Also, this is me starting a whole new paragraph just to point out her outfits...I mean, ya girl can DRESS! She is a stress-about-the-details kinda person, which I'd say paid off big time, because every outfit was killer! This is a session for the books.