"I love them so much! They turned out amazing! Thank you so much!" -Brittany

Brittany is a 2020 Huntsville Senior. After chatting for a while, I discovered that she just lives a few miles down the road from me, and I had no idea! After wrapping up her senior year, she plans to pursue her dream of becoming a pharmacist. I asked what made her want this job, and she said, "Uhh, money!" HA! Can't blame ya there, Brittany. ;) She also has a suuuhhhweet Challenger, which she races in tournaments! 

She doesn't live on a farm, but she hopes to have one of her own some day! She loves, loves, loves animals--which made stumbling upon a fox pretty exciting during her shoot (it lives in a stack of hay bales on our farm with a few little fox pups). I was wary of posing her next to the bales after seeing it, afraid that it would be protective of its babies (cuz, same lil mama; I can relate), but she said NOPE, bring it on, because that background was right up her alley.

This shoot was one where timing just worked in our favor the whole evening. The lighting was just PERFECT, and we made it to my favorite location just in time to catch a gorgeous, pink sunset. Pair that with her gorgeous face and amazing style, and I was itching to edit these before the session even ended. It took me no time to edit because I just couldn't walk away!