"I am so happy you did them for us ♥️" -Linda

Aidan attends Green Forest High School. When I was his age (almost NINE years ago, cringe), I worked at the Tanger in Branson with his mama. I remember her talking about him being a little boy at the time, so it was mind boggling when she contacted me about doing his senior pictures!

When I spoke with her on the phone to plan his shoot, she said he likes to work, and loves his guitar. So, naturally, we had to incorporate both of those elements. We started the shoot at their farm, then headed into town to find a white wall. I had a visual in my head of him sitting with his guitar with a mural of his favorite song to play behind him, so we made it happen! I am so pleased with how it turned out, mostly because I know it is very Aidan!

From there, we headed out to his boss' farm so we could snag some pictures with a neat, old tractor he has. We narrowly avoided catastrophe because while sitting on one of its wheels for a picture, the emergency break failed and it began ROLLING DOWN THE HILL!!! Aidan acted quickly and jumped on it before it got too far away, but it was definitely a scary moment. Afterward, we laughed about it and I wished I had thought to take a picture of him chasing it down, ha!

Over the course of the shoot, it became very clear to me how sweet and gentlemanly Aidan is. It always makes me smile to see senior boys be sweet to their mamas, and (minus an incident in which he drove the tractor maybe...slightly faster than he should've, almost giving her a heart attack) he was genuinely so, so kind to her! It was great to see an old friend again for the first time in almost a decade, and even better to get to capture her handsome baby for her during this important time in his life.